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Changing surprises

into good fun

Explore recipes for fun with surprises.


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For a child aged:


Rate recipe:
For a child aged:

List of ingredients:

  • vegetables: potatoes, carrots, celery, beetroots
  • a cutting board and a children-friendly knife
  • oil or olive oil
  • a large and flat baking tray
  • salt
  • Tento Kitchen Innovations Paper Towel


Children love chips! Even more if they are… colorful. This recipe will allow you to by way of fun “smuggle” a variety of healthy vegetables onto your children’s plate. Start with washing all the vegetables and dry them with a Tento Kitchen Innovations paper towel. Then, cut the vegetables into thick chips, put in a large bowl, sprinkle with oil, season with salt and mix. Place the vegetables on the tray so that they constitute one layer. Bake for approx. 30 minutes in the oven heated to 210°C. Take the tray out and cool the vegetables. Chips are ready for consumption.


It may turn out that the baked chips are soaked with oil. Before serving, you can place them on a plate covered with Tento Kitchen Innovations paper towels which are approved for food contact.