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Changing surprises

into good fun

Explore recipes for fun with surprises.


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Rate recipe:
For a child aged:

List of ingredients:

  • a bowl with water
  • washing-up liquid
  • glycerin (you can buy it in a pharmacy)
  • two sticks
  • cord (not too thick)
  • Tento Super Aqua Maxi Long paper towels


The youngest and the oldest - everyone is going to love XXL bubbles! It’s amazing how easy it is to make them but it’s worth to know several secrets that guarantee the bubbles will be really huge. To make the bubble liquid mix washing-up liquid with water in 1:10 proportions. Add several drops of glycerin. It makes the bubbles more durable and adds colors.

Attach two pieces of cord of different lengths to the sticks. The loose cords should form a letter U when you hold the sticks horizontally in two hands. Properly prepared liquid and tool are a good base for perfect bubbles. Dip the cords in the bowl and wave the sticks to make amazing bubbles. To achieve a real bubble success you need some engagement, positive energy and good mood.


The better the fun with the bubbles the more wet stains on the floor. Don’t worry! You can easily get rid of them with Tento Super Aqua Maxi Long paper towels which absorbs even a lot of liquid in seconds.