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Changing surprises

into good fun

Explore recipes for fun with surprises.


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Rate recipe:
For a child aged:

List of ingredients:

  • empty jars
  • a mortar
  • bowls
  • colored chalk
  • salt
  • a serving spoon
  • decoration materials (tissue paper, ribbons, stickers)
  • Tento Extra Strong Paper Towels


Weather is changeable? Make the rainbow and close it in a jar! Prepare empty jars, salt, colored chalk and a mortar. You will also need separate bowls to keep different colors before placing them in a jar. Crush the chalk in the mortar and place in a bowl. Add salt. When mixed, colors should be carefully and successively placed in a jar to create layers. When full, decorate the lid with colorful tissue paper and dress with a decorative ribbon. With such a rainbow on the shelf it will be much easier to lighten the mood.


When the chalk is crushed and mixed, children’s hands are covered in chalk, and their prints are all over the kitchen furniture? You can simply clean the dirty surfaces with a slightly wet Tento Extra Strong paper towel and all the chalk will be gone. The paper towel is super durable, so you can be certain it will not fall apart when wet.