Tento 3-ply toilet paper products are made of 100% pure & soft cellulose

The wood raw material used for Tento products comes from sustainably managed forests

Tento comes from sustainably managed forests that grow more than they are being used. Our raw material is 100% traceable. The result is a high quality product which is soft in touch, naturally safe and pleasant to use.

Fresh fibre hygiene products are an environmentally friendly choice

Production based on 100% pure fresh fibre, or cellulose, has a material utilization rate of over 90%, which is more efficient and economical compared to only 60% utilization of recycled fibres. Recycled raw material has to undergo careful purification to be suitable for use in hygiene products, which requires lots of water and energy.

Fresh fibre raw material is more efficient to transport to the mills and this way reduces CO2 emissions

compared to recycled fibres when used for Tento production.

Due to the 90% utilization rate of fresh fibre, or cellulose, its inbound logistics are more efficient than in the case of recycled fibres. By using recycled material, Tento products would need approximately 2 times more inbound truckloads to produce the same number of products.

Tento 3-ply toilet paper products are made of 100% cellulose, which gives them high quality, makes them more hygienic and suitable even for the most sensitive skin

Fresh fibers, or cellulose, bring a soft touch and greater strength to our products. Buying good quality paper can help reduce consumption due to the good absorbency and strength of the paper.

Products made of 100% cellulose are naturally pure and safe for hygiene use.